Chocolate Blueberry Cake with Mascarpone Topping, Wild Blueberry Syrup, and Lemon Zest


I think the makings of a different sequel to last year’s sci-fi blockbuster Divergent were unexpectedly revealed last week as the internet exploded over the colors of a dress.  This time instead of five factions, however, there will be only two:  those who see the colors as black and blue and those who see them as white and gold.

And if some see the dress both as black and blue and white and gold – what faction will they be in?  Why, of course, those are the Divergents, and their fate will be the knowledge that mother-of-the-bride dresses are neither black nor white but, um, varying shades of grey?

Ok, I’m just being silly. But who can resist the urge to have some pop culture mashup fun with two recent Hollywood blockbusters and that internet phenom otherwise known as “the Dress.”    It’s my version of cat video therapy.

Well, in honor of strange juxtapositions that can arise only because of the internet, I’ve created a dessert for the Divergents among us.  It’s a chocolate blueberry cake topped with whipped mascarpone cheese and lemon zest and garnished with wild blueberry syrup.  Is the cake black, or is it blue?  What about the topping?  Would you call it white with streaks of blue and gold?  Or is it white and blue with gold flecks?

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