Cauliflower and Radicchio Salad


When was the last time you had a transformative experience eating cauliflower?  No, I’m not talking about cauliflower in the form of a few milky white flowerets mounded next to some cherry tomatoes and a pile of carrot sticks on a crudité platter offered as the first course at a dinner party or potluck.  That’s cauliflower in its most humdrum state, more crunch than flavor, serving primarily as a delivery device for whatever obligatory dipping sauce has been provided.

No, I’m talking about cauliflower that has been prepared in such a way that upon your first experience of it your thoughts are filled with the pleasant recognition that a vegetable that only a few moments before seemed bland and boring is in fact brimming with culinary possibilities.

I can tell you’re skeptical.  So, please, let me explain.

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