Brussels Sprouts Salad


One of the great things about living near a place like Washington D.C. is the proximity to great restaurants.  That’s the theory at least.  As a busy parent, I’ve found that great restaurants are wonderful only if I can overcome the inertia of the “I’m too tired to drive that far for a meal no matter how good it is” mindset that afflicts me most weekends.

Fortunately, one Saturday night a few months ago I managed to overcome my inertia and found myself at a darling of the D.C. restaurant scene, Proof.  Now, don’t misinterpret what I’m about to divulge – I absolutely loved the meal I had that evening.  I’m sure there was a salad or soup to start, followed most likely by a steak (medium rare, please) as the main course.   But the dish I actually remember eating by name was – wait for it –
a salad of shaved Brussels sprouts.

Yes, I know.  That’s probably not the revelation you were expecting.  But hear me out. Read More