Raspberry Lemon Bars


Last week, after spending a fun Memorial Day weekend with family and friends, I felt as if I awoke Tuesday morning from a Rip Van Winkle-like slumber only to discover that I’d missed out on summer altogether. Despite a weekend of 90 degree highs, temperatures for the rest of that week struggled to escape the low 60’s. To make matters worse, the unseasonably cool temperatures were accompanied by overcast skies and, from time to time, a drizzly rain. Either I’d slept through the entirety of the summer season, or Washington DC had gotten stuck in a time loop that was forcing it to redo the cool, wet weather of early spring.

To put it bluntly, it was really cold. My plan to make the season’s inaugural visit to my community pool suffered a severe setback. However, mid-week, as I was running some errands wrapped warmly in a jacket I had retrieved from the back of my closet, it occurred to me that the arrival of this unfortunate weather pattern presented an opportunity. If spring had decided to do an unexpected rewind, then I would do likewise by revisiting a few spring recipes that had piqued my food blogger’s interest but which for one reason or another had fallen by the wayside.

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Asian Honey Sesame Wings Are Real Food


This week I ran across a strangely fascinating bit of food news.  It seems that a company based in Los Angeles has snagged a $20 million investment from a venture capital firm to expand the production of a product it calls Soylent.  So what is Soylent (other than the food in an eponymously named 1973 campy science fiction film)?  According to the company’s website, Soylent is a “new option for maintaining a balanced state of ideal nutrition, just like traditional food.”  In other words, like its namesake, Soylent is designed to be a highly processed replacement for real food.  (Unlike its namesake, it’s not people, or so they say.)

At this point, you may be thinking why would anyone want to replace food?  Indeed, you may be wondering is it even possible to replace food?

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